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Adopt-a-Segment Volunteers

Cardinal Greenway, Inc.
Delaware County Adopters as of 1/1/2007
Numbers in parentheses ( ) denote length of segment in miles

All  highlighted areas are available for adoption.  Please contact the Greenway office at 765-287-0399 for more information or an application.  You may also download a volunteer application here



CR 850 N. (Gaston) to CR 600 W. (.6) Iris Johnson and Diana Tradder
Gaston Trail Head Tim & Mary Franks
CR 600 W. to CR 775 N. (.5) BSU Back Packers and Frank Eikenberry
CR 775 N. to CR 750 N. (.4) Gaston Elementary School
CR 750 N. to CR 667 N. (1.1) AVAILABLE
CR 667 N. to SR 28 (.9) Tom Kirby Family & Kevin Kile
SR 28 to CR 500 N. (1.4) Mike McKillip
CR 500 N. to CR 400 N. (1.6) Vic & Sandra McCallister
CR 400 N. Trail Head Tom Howard
CR 400 N. to Wheeling Ave. (.4) Richard Harris & Bob Digman
Wheeling Ave. to Shaffer Rd. (.9) Stan & Sallye Hodge
Shaffer Rd. to CR 300 N. (.3) Bob Brake Family
CR 300 N. (Riggin Rd) to McGalliard Rd. (.7) National Residence Hall Honorary    Ball State University
Island at McGalliard Rd. Jay Crew Landscaping
McGalliard Rd. to N. Walnut St. (.2) Muncie Noon Kiwanis Club
N. Walnut St. to Centennial Ave. (.3) Minnetrista Central Neighborhood Assoc. and Hillcroft Services
Centennial Ave. to McCulloch Blvd. (.3) Minnetrista Central Neighborhood Assoc.
McCulloch Blvd. to Wysor St. (.3) BSU Natural Resource Club
McCulloch Blvd. Trail Head Jim Smith and Steve Hutchinson
Depot Trail Head Lawn Norm Goethals
Depot Trail Head Beds/Shrubs Norm Goethals
Wysor St. to Brady St. East Central Neighborhood Assoc. and Washington Carver Elem. Earth Keepers Club
Heron Overlook (seating area & planters only) Purdue Club of Muncie
Brady St. to Jackson St. (.2) East Central Neighborhood Assoc.
Jackson St. to Burlington Dr. (.4) Muncie Rotary Club,
Muncie Sunrise Rotary Club and Pat & Bill Wood
Burlington Dr. to 8th St. (.2) Bob & Carolyn Ulrich
8th St. to Memorial Dr. (.2) AVAILABLE
NE Corner Memorial St. & trail Danny & Maggie Skeen and Stephens Butler
Memorial Dr. to 16th St. (.2) AVAILABLE
Spur from main corridor to Mock Ave. (between 14th & 15th St.) Karen Fowler & Dylan
Spur from Mock Ave. to Macedonia Ave. (between 14th &15th St.) AVAILABLE
16th St. to CR 200 E. (.8) Boy Scout Troop #287
CR 200 E. to CR 300 S. (.6) Tracy & Emilie Norris
Strip between SR35 & trail from CR 200 E (Eaton Ave.) to          CR 450 S AVAILABLE
CR 300 S. to CR 350 S. (.6) Richard & Norma Cline
CR 422 S. rest stop AVAILABLE
CR 350 S. to CR 422 S. (.9) Ward Crutcher
CR 422 S. TO CR 500 S. (.9) Jeff & Susan Felton Family
Medford Trail Head Delaware County Community Corrections
Medford Trail Head shrub bed & east fence line AVAILABLE
CR 500 S. to CR 550 S.(.6) Jerry Wilt Family
CR 550 S. to CR 650 S. (1.2) Bill & Jane Skeen
CR 650 S. to CR 700 S. (1.5) AVAILABLE
CR 534 E. Trail Head Jerry & Becky Pierce
CR 700 S. to CR 800 S. (1.6) AVAILABLE
CR 500 S. to CR 650 S. horse trail Muncie Light Horse Club/Greg & Nancy Wilkins
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